Why nGen

3D printing nowadays has many applications: reprapping, making gadgets, prototyping, designing, impressing people, having fun or making serious money. Whatever you do with your printer, the material should suit your needs. Sometimes your print needs to look beautiful, other times it needs to be functional. But what if you can use the same roll of filament?

With nGen we bring a filament to the market that has functional properties, looks astonishingly good and prints like a dream. With a glass temperature of over 85ºC it has over double the heat resistance of PLA.

glass temperature 85C 50C 100C 75C
toughness ++ +++ +++
printing temperature 220C – 240C 190C – 220C 250C – 260C 240C – 260C
printability +++ +++ + ++
odor neutral (during print) +++ + ++
Stability during print +++ + + ++
Surface clarity +++ + ++

Hydrolitical stability

One of nGen truly unique features is its melt stability, meaning from pellet to filament to 3D Printed part, the mechanical properties of the material will hardly be affected. This provides a great deal of printing stability and the ability to reproduce the same quality parts over and over again, reducing failed prints rates.





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