Applications for nGen

You might be wondering who should be using nGen and to answer that question we’ve highlighted various areas of application below. We think each of these areas will benefit greatly from the specific material characteristics of colorFabb nGen. Find out below which characteristic makes nGen a good match.

Design by Samual L Bernier

Home Appliances

This is definitely a very popular category amongst many early adopters of 3D printers. For most part we need the material to remain stable over a long-term and keep its mechanical performance. nGen is uniquely suited because of its durable nature and good heat resistance.

Consumer Electronics

We expect many more applications to be developed in this area. Whether it’s a headphone or a housing for holding electronics parts the material needs good stability and decent heat resistance. Of course colors are important too, especially when these electronics are custom made to your liking.

Design by Adafruit

Design by Tosh


For toys we need materials with great colors and good stable mechanical properties. nGen comes in 17 colors and we will add more colors in the coming months. Because of nGen’s good mechanical properties parts will last a long time.

Visual & Functional Prototyping

Prototyping is a great tool for designers and companies to get a feel for their concepts & ideas early on in the development. However ideally we want to use these prototypes not only for visual approval but also subject them to real functional tasks. nGen material is well suited for this job with a high TG of 85C and a very durable nature which retains mechanical performance over time.

Design by AZ360VR

Design by Machina

Modeling / Character design

Printing high resolution is no problem with nGen. With good performance on overhanging surfaces and great stability during print we think this makes nGen a good partner for character designers wanting to 3D print their own creations.


It’s a lot of fun to create your own lighting designs for home or office use. However the material needed for such applications need heat resistance and should remain stable overtime. nGen’s properties tie in very well with 3D printing cusomt lighting which will last.

Design by Le Fabshop

Design by E-Nable


Durable materials will be well suited for Medical applications. There’s no point in printing prosthesis with biobased filaments as they will lose mechanical properties over time. Instead long term stability is needed which nGen is perfect for. Cleaning nGen is no problem because of it’s excellent chemical resistance.




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